Thanks to all who attended a great holiday celebration on Dec 17th.  A great time was had by all  the gift drawing was the highlight of the evening, lets hope no fights broke out afterwards regarding who got what.!!!  Also, who knew that SPAM was such a hot commodity.!! 

We are looking forward a new year full of informative events and surprises


Your NVFSC chapter #106 leaders.

On Oct 31st 2009 the Slobogin family who were living on Slate Rd in TRE suffered a devastating fire at their residence. they have since temporarily relocated to a rental house in Gardnerville while their house is scheduled to be rebuilt.

The TRE Fire Safe council decided to do what they could to help out the family, so at the last two monthly meetings a collection took place and ideas come with for things that can be done.

On Dec 21st the Fire safe council delivered a small christmas tree, presents for the familys three children and $150 which had been donated by the council members.


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